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  • 10 2016
  • by Elien
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Surprise is a boomerang

A lesson in alertness: surprise is a boomerang.

  • Surprise is a boomerang
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  • 05 2015
  • by Karim
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Climate’s world premiere

What pure innovation looks like? This. Meaning: Climate. Developed by DesleeClama, one of the major manufacturers in mattress fabrics, Climate is an active ventilating topper that cuts the heat, sweat and irritation out of your sleep.

  • Climate’s world premiere
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  • 02 2015
  • by Karim
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The FullFill Factory: a pioneering story

Some prefer comfort, some prefer creativity. Because Barry Callebaut is much more than chocolate, it offers both creativity and comfort with their newest concept: the FullFill Factory™. In this concept, an endless range of tastes, textures, colors and bases comes together to create every chef’s personal dream.

  • The FullFill Factory: a pioneering story