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  • 10 2016
  • by Elien
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Start renovating with Briek

Briek, the Bouwpunt magazine filled with construction insights, is back for more.

  • Start renovating with Briek
  • 12
  • 10 2016
  • by Elien
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Surprise is a boomerang

A lesson in alertness: surprise is a boomerang.

  • Surprise is a boomerang
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  • 06 2016
  • by Elien
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MG - Size does matter

We wanted to make MG Real Estate stand out as much as its buildings do. Therefore we added a baseline that reads MG’s mind: Make it Great.

  • MG - Size does matter
  • 28
  • 04 2016
  • by Elien
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The Good Life

Since there is a Re-Vive neighbourhood in every major Flemish city, this brave little outsider in real estate suddenly isn’t so little anymore.

  • The Good Life
  • 26
  • 02 2016
  • by Elien
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Enchanté, Briek

Whether Briek is a constructor? Warm. A craftsman? Warmer. An inspirator? Hot. The personification of Bouwpunt? Boiling right!

  • Enchanté, Briek
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  • 10 2015
  • by Elien
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Yes, the cover can

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Oh, you can. We make sure a story always starts at the very first page.

  • Yes, the cover can
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  • 11 2014
  • by Karim
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A personal sleep DNA for everybody

Remember the sleep DNA? That revolutionary sleeping concept that forever changed the world of bedding? Our new Ergosleep campaign for LS Bedding gives the personal sleep solution an even more personal touch. Whereas the previous campaign starred Flemish celebrities, the second campaign focuses on everyday people: Francesca, Gwendolien, Guillaume, Benjamin, Maggie... Everybody has his or her own sleeping profile!

  • A personal sleep DNA for everybody
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  • 06 2014
  • by Miet
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Africa in the house

Denys has undertaken a new African adventure. The company has been awarded the contract for the full renovation of the Royal Museum Of Central Africa. As the museum is closed during the renovation, we decided to loan some of its showpieces for a temporary exhibition at Denys Headquarters in Wondelgem.

  • Africa in the house
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  • 05 2014
  • by Karim
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We build society, not real estate

This unambiguous positioning makes Re-Vive radically different from classic real estate development. Through "inner city regeneration", old and polluted “brownfields” are reconverted to new residential neighborhoods. Re-Vive clearly offers the most honest and respectful answer to the future of housing.

  • We build society, not real estate
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  • 04 2014
  • by Karim
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Soenen reaffirms its market leadership

We understand that building a successful brand is rooted in the creative voice of design and a well-defined communication strategy. “Engineering the machines for the sheet metal industry”, summarizes perfectly how we want to reaffirm Soenen’s market leadership. Such a baseline needs a clear but sophisticated visual language.

  • Soenen reaffirms its market leadership