• 09
  • 12 2015
  • by Elien
  • Advertising


Bouwpunt keeps us warm

As it is getting colder, the radio is suffering from winter blues. Sounds like an excellent moment to launch a commercial that keeps us all warm.

  • Bouwpunt keeps us warm
  • 23
  • 08 2013
  • by Karim
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Listen and sing along with the Intelligent Potty song!

How can I potty train my child in time for starting preschool? This remains an important issue for a lot of young parents during the back-to-school period. The perfect time to bring to their attention a product that makes potty training easier and more effective than ever: Intelligent Potty!

  • Listen and sing along with the Intelligent Potty song!
  • 28
  • 01 2012
  • by Nicolas
  • Radio


Bostoen on the air

Tune in to Bostoen and his new radio advertisement. What’s the frequency? With Bostoen everything is possible. You can build…

  • Bostoen on the air
  • 04
  • 11 2010
  • by Nicolas
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Katja deelt haar bed(geheim)

Geen beter koppel dan Jan Schepens en Katja Retsin om het verhaal van de nieuwste boxspring van Ergosleep te vertellen.…

  • Katja deelt haar bed(geheim)