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  • 10 2016
  • by Elien
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  • Going underground with Denys


Going underground with Denys

We think we’ve heard scoop hunters scream last week. No, we’re sure we’ve heard it. It’s damn hard to come up with a good and untold news story these days, but at the press conference of Denys there was a big editorial catch out in the open. After six years of intense development, Denys presented their WallslotRobot to the world, also known as: Wallie. Call it a gift for today’s urbanisation, since this robot can perform major underground construction works, without paralysing the social and economic life above. And apparently, the communication was transparent, the message was clear, because - from RTL to Eén - Wallie was the national talk of the town.

Curious about all the press coverage? We've gathered some reports right here: