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  • 06 2016
  • by Elien
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  • Water is not just water - Watergenius


Water is not just water - Watergenius

If you touch our food, you touch our soul. We have all become picky - very picky - when it comes to what we eat or drink. But we forget the main ingredient: our tap water. That’s where Watergenius steps in. For the past 25 years, Watergenius has developed advanced water solutions. Although their story was full of ambition, it was thirsty for one lacking factor: emotion. Time for us to stir things up. From their website to their packaging, from their look to their feel; Watergenius’ brand new identity and strategy is a refreshing eye-opener that tells the entire story. The story of the most tasty coffee, the most delicious soup, the best health - with the best water. So don’t say water is just water. It is Genius Water.