Belgium’s caught the Red Fever again and it won’t be contained. Even our clients can’t escape. Bouwpunt’s supporter heart skips a beat with our unique score predictor platform. And Ergosleep® goes way beyond the traditional toptopical, with a solid and well thought out cooperation with the Royal Belgian Football Association.

Sleep devilishly well

Advertentie Rodeduivels

Create a strong product with a strong story and you’ll be sure to get rewarding questions. From the Royal Belgian Football Association for example. After conducting market research into ergonomic beds, the Red Devils medical staff got so enthusiastic about the unique qualities of Ergosleep®’s SLEEP-DNA® that they asked them for a unique cooperation. What that cooperation means? That each Red Devil got his personal measurements taken and will be sleeping in a personalised Ergosleep® bed during the World Cup in Russia. Fully adapted to his SLEEP-DNA®. Because a well rested body performs better.

Create a strong product with a strong story and you’ll be sure to get instant news value. This unique cooperation is the perfect opportunity for Ergosleep® to convey their message while staying on top of what’s happening. Because if even the Red Devils sleep according to their SLEEP-DNA®, then what are you waiting for? To fully bring this strong story to life, we developed a PR, radio and print campaign for Ergosleep® at record speed. So keep an eye on the media, because thanks to our approach, Ergosleep® will definitely come into full view the next few days. Score!

Discover our devilish radio commercial for Ergosleep® below, turn your volume up.

Join the club of supporters

Wk2018 Flag Affiche

Bouwpunt is heading to the World Cup in full force! Together with The Craft, we created a unique platform where you can predict your scores, linked to your favourite Bouwpunt shop. The Bouwpunt with the best predictions will win an afterparty to never forget. And of course every contestant plays to win a valuable prize for himself as well. To fully support the local Bouwpunt shops in spreading the World Cup virus, we helped them by designing the necessary tools: flags, posters, e-signatures, social media visuals, e-newsletters etc.

Discover the platform on & join the club of supporters while you’re at it!

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